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Enlist experts in public health who know about church operations

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We're helping to make churches safer. Do you want your congregation and community to know that you've done everything possible to put their wellness and safety first? Do you want to advocate to those in authority that churches are safer places than most? Then welcome to the Application to Reduce Communicable Diseases in Churches.

Welcome to the ARCC

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Our Services

Our Mission

Working better, together. The purpose of the Application to Reduce Communicable Diseases in Churches (ARCC) is to help churches to flourish and thrive, by promoting best practices during pandemics and health and wellness throughout all church activities. Our vision is to see every Christian church working in unity to offer places of spiritual and physical health and wellness. 

Policy Frameworks and review

Learn about writing policies, complete our church policy checklist, consider our framework of policies and see if there are areas that you can shore up or adapt. Then sign up to listen and discuss your policies with a public health specialist.

A forum to Connect us With Others

Keep up on the latest information. Share what you know. Link in with the churches in your area. Ask questions, share ideas, stories, and comment on other's posts.

"Ask the Expert" webinars

Each month, we will host a webinar on questions related to health and safety on your church. Whether on ventilation or vaccination, you vote on the topics, we bring in the experts

Church-specific training

We provide church-specific training and certification for your safety committee, or church leaders in general. Take the trainings and then announce to your congregation and community that you care enough to lear about how to keep them safer at church. 

Work with camps and NGOs

Church camps, NGOS and other christian businesses and organizations can improve their policies, protocols and practice in pandemic times and beyond, with the ARCC resources for camps and NGOs


The team from the ARCC provided professional and client focussed assistance in developing Covid-19 protocols and teaching videos for our non-profit. They took the time to understand our core values, mission and desired outcomes and helped us develop practical written and teaching protocols that fit our needs. We highly recommend them. ” 

D. W.

Mid-Sized NGO


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