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The Church is Strong in Unity

Together, through the ARCC, we will demonstrate that the church is a strong, unified, healthy, evidence-based force

Glasses of Water

What if churches got on the ARCC and were able to articulate the high degree of knowledge, wisdom & compliance that they are applying? 

We can do it together

ARCC can help

ARCC (The Application for Reducing Communicable Diseases in Churches) is a program of support for church leaders to help facilitate safer and healthier church operations.


Subscribers to the service receive these key benefits:

The ARCC is working to make churches safer by:

-IMPROVING government and public confidence in congregations now and for the future


-COMMUNICATING to the community that you take their health and safety seriously

-ACCELERATING the return to public services

ARCC is a collection of valuable online resources developed by Public Health Specialists

It starts by guiding you through a church-specific risk self-assessment tool that measures your COVID-19 risk and provides guidance to minimize that risk

1. Risk Self-Assessment

Use our tool developed by public health specialists, reviewed by clinical and church leaders, and made for you. The tool helps to identify where risk is coming from and provides a report which includes guidance on how to reduce your risk.

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Self-Assess Your Current Activities

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Receive a Risk Rating, by activity

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Receive a Report, with Guidance

2. Access to a private online forum

Learn from other church leaders and share your ideas with people from across the country. Access articles, polls, and discussions & search for keywords.

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Look up or share information

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Ask a question

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Find out what others are reading, upvote what you like

3. Ask the expert

We host monthly “Ask the Expert” sessions with business people, counselors, engineers, and others who know about and care about churches and church leaders. Your questions dictate who we ask to speak with us.

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4. Training and help with your policies

You'll have access to church-specific learning modules and certification. We have developed a training module on policies to help guide you in writing the policies and procedures that are right for your church. 

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Join us 

 Christian Churches together,

 Reducing the impact of COVID-19

Only together can we make a difference.

Ready to join the ARCC?