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The Application to Reduce Communicable Diseases in Churches is the first group of products and services of its kind, specifically designed for churches. Our intention is to support church leaders and safety committees as we move forward in the new way of worshipping in the current and aftermath of the pandemic. 


Your church community will know that you take their health and wellbeing seriously. Although we can never fully eliminate risk, we can mitigate (or reduce) against it through strong policies, training, assessing and addressing risk and sharing ideas about how to move forward safer together. 


You will be able to let your insurer know that you took the time and effort to work in the safest way possible.

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You will send a clear message to your community and government that the Christian church can use scientific evidence to worship and serve in healthy and safer ways.


Because we're in this together.

The ARCC is comprised of a team of experts, led by Dr. Bridget Stirling. Dr. Stirling is a Public Health Specialist, former church committee/board member, and missionary who trained in Advanced Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and have taken further training in Evidence Based Practice at John Hopkins University.

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